PB Web Photo Gallery
Man-Woman Boat 02a

Couple in 14’PB with 9.8hp 4S Outboard

WaterBoat 25

Man in 14’PB with 2.5hp Outboard

Rog and Jean Waveney 8

On the Waveney in 12’ PB with 5hp Outboard

Dogs - Large in Boat

PB with Newfoundland Dogs

Darren 03

PB Towing an Inflatable (Oman)

Darren 05

PB in Oman

AndyW 00

Launching 12’PB with 4hp Yamaha Outboard

PB in Parga Greece

PB in Parga (Greece)

FamilyBoat 4

PB on Aid Assignment in Mozambique

MusicNL PB 01

Busker PB in the Netherlands


Filming Orangutans in Indonesia

Boat on Wheels 01

10’ PB ready for Fishing

MotorHome 11

PB Mounted on MotorHome Pullout

Rescue Swedish Helicopter

Rescue PB in Sweden

OmanBoat 00a

12’PB on Beach at Bhandar Kharan (Oman)

PB on Loch Lomond 00a

12’ PB on Loch Lomond

StableBoat 00

10’PB Stability Testing

PB Old Style 10

Old ‘Double-Ended’ PB - Still in Use!!

ReadyBote 3

Ready for Fishing Trip in Latvia

PB Bag

PB Accessories Bag - for Seats, Oars, etc

PB on Ground 03

12’ Folded Hull on Ground


Very Old Folding Boat - circa 1901?

PB8 Sailing Rig Bow Quarter

8’PB with SBTG Sail Kit

Rescue Services Japan 03

Rescue Demo in Malaysia

PB in Brunei 02

PB on Belait River in Brunei

PB on Car_04

12’PB on Small Hyundai Car

PB Rescue UK 10

Mountain Rescue Services with 10’PB

PB Rescue UK 03

Mountain Rescue Services with 10’PB

PB8 Sailkit 07

8’PB with SBTG Sailing Kit - Beale Park


CRIB at Beale Park with 6hp Outboard


8’PB with SBTG Sailing Kit - Beale Park


8’PB with SBTG Sailing Kit - Beale Park

Hull Sleeve Bag B2C

PortaBote Hull Sleeve


8’PB Rowing at Beale Park

PB8 Sailkit 10 (Sprigings)

8’PB with SBTG Sailing Kit - Cyprus

Car 03

Fixing Folded 10’PB to Small Car with PB Roof Straps

Car 13

Folded 8’PB on Mini Car

CarryBoat 4

12’ PortaBotes - on Water and Folded

ColinBote 1

12’ PB at Bhandar Kharan (Oman)

Dogs in PB 05

10’PB Taking Dogs for an Outing!


14’ PB at Regatta in the Netherlands

DutchBoat 01

14’ PB at Regatta in the Netherlands

Fire Station 3

12’PB as Fire Brigade Rescue Boat

Fishing 14

Good Day’s Fishing in 12’ PB

LandRover 2

Folded PB on Land Rover

LR Bote 1

Open PB Alongside Land Rover

Motor Cycle

PB on MotorCycle Trailer

MotorHome 08

PB on MotorHome

OpenBoat 08

12’PB Just Going Fishing

PB on Beach 08

PortaBote or Kayak??

PB on SmartCar

10’PB on Smart Car

Plane PB

PB on SeaPlane

Rowing PB on Sea 02

Rowing PB on Open Water

WaterBoat 27

PB Expedition in Borneo

WaterBoat 28

Fishing at Kinlochleven

Yacht 06

8’PB on Swim Deck

Yacht 09

12’PB as Yacht Tender

Everest 1

8’PB on Mount Everest

Everest 5

8’PB on Mount Everest

Everest 9

8’PB on Mount Everest

Spriggings 21

8’PB as Yacht Tender

PB NZ 16

Easy Work with the Dolly Wheels

PB Hissing Sid

Old Double Ended PB - Still in Use!

PB Tender 02

10’PB as Tender for Cruiser

PB with Whales 01

PB and Whales!!

PB with Bike

Bicycle Towing 10’PB

Four Boats 02

Four Different PB Sizes


PB on SeaPlane in Alaska


Escape in a PortaBote!!


Avoid the Floods!!